In 2014 Central American families and children arrived at the U.S. border in numbers never seen before.

The staff of the Office of the General Assembly and many of the congregations which it serves were grieved and moved to compassion when these families and children began fleeing to the U.S. from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Disappointed by our government’s decision to enforce against, rather than protect these families, and by the disparity between how our government should – under law and policy – treat and how it actually does treat asylum-seekers arriving in the U.S.,  we have created this website to inform congregations and communities in the U.S. about Central Americans who are seeking safety in this country.

Please use the film, storymap, reflection guide, and cited resources to bring communities together, to educate one another to a place of compassion, inspire one another to reach out in friendship to our new neighbors, and to challenge one another to organize and advocate for reform.